TJ’s FRENCH GREEN BEANS (Haricots Verts)

(NB: since this was originally written, this product is unfortunately reported to be not available in stores currently (spring 2019)


These can easily be on any Trader Joe’s Top 10 List.

Easily best “first try” of a TJ product in a while, I was quite impressed with the quality of these bean which are in the Frozen section and are extremely good, high quality French Haricots Verts “(translation: green beans”). Package says “IMPORTED FROM FRANCE” so the real McCoy.

French “Haricot Verts” are better than standard green beans you know and buy. Haricots Verts are a skinnier French variety, more tender regular green beans in U.S…These are the same skinny bright green beans you see on your plate next to that $35 entree you ordered when you go out to an expensive restaurant.

When I see fresh HARICOTS VERTS, imported from France, at a top produce green grocer like Fairway for example, which does carry them, they are always very expensive, something like $8-10 per lb?… vs. $2/lb for “normal” fresh green beans there, so about 4-5x what the regular ones cost? I always think ‘who can afford to buy these…they must have money to burn.’

Well thanks to Trader Joe’s all of us can afford to buy these wonderful French green bean, just they’ve come flash frozen instead of fresh. TJ’s sells a package of the frozen HARICOT VERTS in a 24 oz bag. (1.5 lbs) for $1.99! If you do the math, thats comes out to about 1.50 /lb, so thats about the same price or LESS, than I might buy regular fresh green beans (a price check followup in April 2012 show this is still the same price!) 

These are those same wonderful thin, french haricots verts, all prepped ready to use, which have been flash frozen. Dark, nice green color. I‘m pretty sure they’ve been blanched for a few seconds prior to being flash frozen. Certainly easy to use: they are all prepped (ie, tip and tailed) which you would spend time doing with fresh. This is a big time saver as prepping beans is the one thing I don’t like about when I buy fresh green beans, they take a bit of work to tip and tail a pound of beans. These come trimmed and cut into bite size lengths, ready to use. Handy. To cook, either throw them in boiling salted water or do as I usually do, just toss the beans into a hot sauté pan with some butter and oil (and garlic perhaps). Cook for only 1-2 mins. Don’t overcook these, you can easily ruin them.

Throw in minced garlic and you have a nice French side dish of haricots verts, ready in minutes. Salads? Yes! I threw them into a salad after boiling them for about 45 seconds, dumping them in a colander and running cold water to cool them, and they were really good tossed with some TJ’s Virgin Olive Oil and White Balsamic vinegar…Delicious. Toss in some diced hard boiled eggs, and parsley, and you have a nice “salade composé”. I also  use these alot just adding them to any dish I’m making they would be good in at the last new minutes, generally breaking them in half first as I add them (to stews, soups, etc).

haricots verts cocoCategory:Green beans

haricots verts cocoCategory:Green beans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To sell at this price, I can only imagine these are one of those items TJ’s makes a huge deal with the vendors. TJ’s purchases in such huge quantity, directly from the vendor, then they say, pays in cash, and thats how TJ’s makes deals so they can sell products at such bargains (case in point is Olive Oil, right? They buy HUGE massive quantities from vendors all over the world)

Anyway TJ’s FRENCH GREEN BEANS (Haricots Verts) are my new favorite vegetable, and are now on my “always these have on hand” Trader Joe’s List. I now always buy a package to have in my freezer at all times. Right next to TJ’s Frozen Peas and Frozen Edamame, also all staples in my house.  These are very versatile things to have on hand at all times. Try them, you won’t be sorry.

RECIPEHaricots Verts With Warm Bacon Vinaigrette

(If you make this remember the recipe assumes using fresh haricots verts so adjust the cooking time down)

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