TJ’s Premium Pine Cat Litter

pinecatlitterI haven’t posted before about any pet stuff and mostly concentrated on things us humans eat, but let’s face it, Trader Joe’s sells nice stuff for your furry friends too!

One thing I’ve started buying on a regular basis is their PREMIUM PINE CAT LITTER. If you’ve only used clay type litters, this type of litter is very different.

It’s made from pine sawdust thats been formed into little pellets that are about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch long. It has a good natural pine scent that is very helpful for odor control, of course. When it gets wet, it basically disintegrates into well, wet (pine) sawdust.

Now this type of litter is a pretty radical change from typical clay type litter so you’re instructed on the package to switch to it gradually by putting a layer of your normal litter on top of this pine litter until your cat accepts the pine litter on its own (mine did after a few weeks) Still every cat is different in their hygiene matters, so if you want to use this you have to try it and see if your cat will get used to it. Hopefully they will as this is a good alternative product to clay type litter, and seems to my nose effective in cutting down odors. This product is much cheaper at TJ’s as very similar stuff sold in pet stores. Think “Feline Pine”. I like the fact that its made out of waste material (pine sawdust from wood mills no doubt)

The bag says one bag (3.5 lbs) is a “4 week supply”and thats about what it lasts for my one cat, if not a little more. Using the pine litter, I don’t have to buy (and lug home) the huge 25 lb. bags of clay litter anymore. Without getting into too much nitty gritty details, my cleaning up method is: I use two tools: A litter scoop and a dollar store plastic spoon. I first go for the “solid waste” matter. Then I move the clean top litter aside, and spoon out any big wet soiled areas that have turned into the wet sawdust I mentioned*. Then I sprinkle on some more of the Pine Litter. It REALLY keeps smells to a minimum and lasts quite a long time without having to change the whole kitty box. So hard to say if it will work with any cat, but if you are patient, its worth a try. Disposal: I confess when I clean daily I flush it down the toilet and its not a problem (I live in a big apartment building) . If you live in the country I wonder if it might even be able to be used in compost and bio-degrade?

Even if you have to use it with clay litter forever, by putting a layer on the bottom then clay litter on top, the pine litter will still help get the odors from your kitty box under control. Yes, your cat will mix everything up together.

A 7 lb. bag costs $3.50. A better deal compared to something similar sold at a big pet store chain. Say Petco / Feline Pine, which sells for about 14 lbs for $10-12?

*TIP 1: For cleanup, get a cheap dollar store plastic spoon to use in conjunction with your regular kitty litter scooper, as the wet sawdust will just fall through that. Of course you try not to throw out unused pine pellets if possible…

TIP 2: While you are at the dollar store, also buy a cheap door mat to place under/in front of the litter box. It will help cut down on material migration / tracking.

Have you tried this product?  Let me know what you think in the Comments section!

(this was Maya, who I had at the time of this writing but has since passed away, after 16 years of looking like a she was about 1 years old!)maya2