TJ’s Fresh Cranberries


To me the greatest sin one can commit on Thanksgiving is the sin of opening a can of cranberry sauce. There is simply no comparison to making your own cranberry sauce. Which is the EASIEST thing in the world to do, and if you do, trust me, everyone will say something about how great the the cranberry sauce is (because they’re used to the canned crap).

Trader Joe’s had fresh cranberries today so I bought some. They were very fresh looking. A 12 oz. bag cost $1.99, a fairly decent price this year. If you’ve never made “fresh” before here’s all you need to do (and the bag has the recipe too). I put them in a pot, add one cup water and one cup of sugar. Boil until the cranberries all “pop”. This is usually about 15-20 minutes. DONE. Let it cool: it will thicken up as it cools, as cranberry skin contains a great deal of natural pectin. 
Variation: Add orange juice instead of water. This year I added a tiny bit of cayenne pepper and a pinch of fennel seeds, and some lime juice.

If you’ve never made your own cranberry sauce and are used to the canned kind, you owe it to yourself to make it fresh this year. You will be shocked both at how easy it is to make and how infinitely better it is than the canned stuff!

Try it and let me know what you think.